Care Guide.

Our aim is to make our furniture easy to look after, so that with a little care it will continue to look stunning.

Remember each piece of wood is unique and its natural colour and grain will vary. Solid wood furniture will shrink or expand at different temperatures and humidity. Excess heat and dryness can cause wood to split and crack. Therefore be careful not to put your furniture near radiators, fireplaces or on under floor heating.


Hard Wax Oiled Finish.

We use Blanchon Hard Wax Oil, applied lightly to give a natural finish. A damp lint free cloth can be used to remove spills and marks easily. Anything that could stain (coffee, red wine, vinegar, lemon juice, flower nectar) should be wiped off immediately.

We recommend that you apply Blanchon Hard Wax Oil (smoked oak) at regular three monthly intervals to maintain the finish.

Do not use any silicon spray polishes or products containing ammonia. Please do not place hot objects directly on the furniture.


Sanding will be needed to remove deep marks and scratches, which may then require your surface to be re-oiled.  Please email or call us if you feel this is necessary. We can advise on the oiling process and give you any information you may need.


Applying  Blanchon Hard Wax Oil

To use your Blanchon Hard Wax Oil, use a sponge to apply a liberal coat of oil all over the surface. Immediately before it dries wipe off the excess using a lint free soft cloth. Allow to dry for eight hours before use.



You are able to purchase the Blanchon Hard Wax Oil and lint free cloths from us.   Tel: 01363 815276