About Bridger & Buss

Custom Furniture Design From Devon

Bridger & Buss  combines high-quality furniture design and cabinet making skills with the ability to produce high-quality joinery installations.

Our workshop can be found nestled in the heart of rural Devon, where each piece of furniture is carefully handmade by our dedicated team of skilled craftsmen and women.

Our debut range ‘Aller’ stemmed from the collaboration between Parnham graduates David Buss, Andrea Stemmer and Sarah Kay. Epitomising the values of Bridger & Buss, International designers Kay+Stemmer classically combined simplicity and elegance to produce a range of furniture that will add style to all environments.

Bridger & Buss are proud to be a small company making high-quality British Made goods, that demonstrate our belief in the heritage of British Craftsmanship.

Meet our designers and team

The Workshop


Sustainability has always been a core concern of ours. We try to avoid tropical hardwoods, and the timbers we use we endeavour to source locally, some of our timber coming from only 3 miles away. If we have to use imported timber then it mainly comes from Europe or the northern hemisphere. All imported timber is FSC Certified.

We make a strong effort to reduce the product miles our furniture will travel and promote the idea of Made in Britain.

Most of our Oak is from France, as a result of also wanting to the source the best in quality. The French Oak is of a far better grade enabling us to not only minimise waste, it also allows us to create furniture to the highest of quality. As a result, our furniture has a lasting value that will be passed on to future generations.

A large wood burner is used to heat our workshop and our total heating needs are met by burning the waste products we produce throughout the year. Any waste chips we cannot burn are used as animal bedding, which is then returned to the land as fertiliser, minimising our landfill to almost zero.